SfM, UAV & Drone Surveys

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) have revolutionised the way we approach surveying and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). Aerial surveys have now given us the ability to survey areas not previously possible due to hazards or access issues. It is now possible to achieve relatively high levels of accuracy to create large DTM models in a short space time, when compared to traditional methods. 

Greenhatch have the capability to combine DTM’s with remote Bathymetry to provide data for water areas normally left void by DTM. Our bespoke remote-controlled boat is equipped with echo-sounding technology which allows us to collect large data sets (often tens of thousands of points) in short amounts of time.

Greenhatch have also increasingly been using SfM (Structure from Motion) technology for providing scaled elevation orthoimages for architects and conservation bodies. 

We are also well equipped to provide more traditional rectified photography for suitable subjects including photographic surveys, 360° panoramas and virtual tours.

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