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Building Surveys

The Building survey division within Greenhatch Group undertake measured surveys on all types of structures and properties.

There are approximately 30 building surveyors employed within this division and all our senior surveyors have gained their experience and knowledge of contruction methods and buildings from either working previously for Architects and other similar consultants, or completing University courses that are relative to the building and heritage industry. This experience and knowledge help us to understand the construction methods and make-up of the building, which we trust are reflected in our final drawings and therefore meet our clients expectations.

Surveys are undertaken using the latest equipment which are similar to the other divisions within the group and consist of the latest total station laser theodolites, GPS systems, and hand held measuring equipment.

Projects undertaken range from single terraced properties through to large shopping Centres and schools, commercial offices and multiple property portfolios.
As we are able to deploy multiple survey crews we can complete surveys that have restricted timeframes easily, such as schools, and with our three offices situated through the main spine of the country any site iwithin the UK is accessible within a couple of hours.

Managing Director - Robert Page
Contact - robertp@greenhatch-group.co.uk